Futuretek Civil’s sucker trucks are the premier line of vacuum excavation trucks. Equipped with hydraulic boom arms, our vac trucks provide the high-quality power and performance needed to take on the toughest jobs. We provide commercial, civil, and rail projects across Victoria with vacuum trucks for hire ranging in all sizes.

Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive form of excavation that uses highly pressurised water to create trenches, potholes, and underground tunnels to lay and accommodate underground utilities. Because this excavation method uses water to clear away dirt and vacuum suction to remove the resulting slurry, it can be used around buried utilities like plumbing, electrical pipes, gas pipes and internet cabling without causing damage to them.

An Environmentally Friendly Excavation Method

At Futuretek Civil, we find that one of the most important parts of the vacuum excavation process is the disposal of the resulting liquid waste. Due to government regulations, liquid waste can only be transported in certain vehicle types and disposed of at approved sites to ensure the safety of the environment in case the waste is contaminated and could cause damage to the ecosystem when dumped.

Our 2018 model Isuzu 3000L sucker trucks and our 2018 model Isuzu 6000L sucker trucks are approved by the Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria to safely transport liquid waste of all types, and we only dispose of waste at EPA approved facilities.

We abide by the standards of our Environmental Management (4001) accreditation at all times during vacuum excavation.

Vacuum Excavation Services

We vacuum excavate for:

  • Post holes
  • Tree and root removals
  • Trenching
  • Exposing assets
  • Power pole digging

We also provide a utility location service and safety barrier installation service for excavator operators to know where non-destructive digging is required, as opposed to traditional excavation.

vacuum excavation

Hire vacuum excavation services across Victoria from Futuretek Civil today.

Emergency Spills & Truck Rollovers Clean Up

Oil, diesel, and chemical spills can have serious consequences to the environment and need to be contained immediately. Delays can result in costly cleanup if the spill contaminates the land or enters the drainage system.

Truck rollovers can create spills or debris on the road which needs to be cleaned up immediately to avoid traffic congestion and environmental hazards.

We have worked with local Water Boards such as Melbourne Water, South East Water, City West Water, and Yarra Valley Water to contain oil and chemical spills. Our emergency team has carried out various spill and debris cleanups for utilities, marine, commercial and industrial sectors.
Our emergency spill response team operates across Melbourne, Victoria and we are a licensed waste carrier and are fully accredited by the Victorian waste management association.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation experts

For the last eight years, the Futuretek Civil team have been providing high quality vacuum excavation services to customers across the Melbourne Metro area and beyond. We pride ourselves on our pricing, quality and the flexibility of our services, so when a customer works with us, we can guarantee the best service and value for money possible for them.

Talk to an expert

Contact Futuretek Civil for all your Vacuum Excavation needs across Victoria.

If you are looking for a vacuum truck and specialist operator to assist in your next excavation project, contact the team at Futuretek Civil. We offer wet hire services to Greater Melbourne and beyond. Give us a call today, and we will be able to help you with all your non-destructive digging needs.

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Get a free quote on our vacuum excavation services or contact our team directly on (03) 8308 1901.

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