Futuretek Civil provides industrial services including vacuum loading and tank and pit cleaning across Greater Melbourne. Our industrial services are available on a 24-hour basis for emergency cases. If you are experiencing a septic emergency, contact us now.

Vacuum loading and tank and pit cleaning all include high-pressure water cleaning, an eco-friendly and non-destructive option to remove build-up and revitalise a surface. We provide high-pressure water cleaning with our tank and pit cleaning services, as well as to any residential, commercial, or civil surface cleaning job. Our high-pressure water cleaning services include vacuum loading, which involves sucking up material to be removed into a vacuum truck.

Vacuum loading

Futuretek Civil provides well-maintained vacuum trucks for vacuum excavation, hydro excavation, asset location, jet rodding, and vacuum loading. Vacuum loading is an essential part of the vacuum excavation process, wherein broken up soil and slurry is sucked into the vacuum truck for disposal.

But soil isn’t the only thing vacuum loading is used for. Our vacuum loading services include:

  • Brick residue removal
  • Concrete slurry removal
  • Wet or dry clay removal
  • Oil spill clearing
  • Debris removal after excavation
  • Environmental waste removal
  • Site dewatering

Vacuum loading is ideal for these applications as it removes only the required material, leaving the surrounding area and infrastructure unscathed. With vacuum loading, you can save on insurance, damage repair costs, and labour costs, without compromising the quality and efficiency of the work.

Industrial Services

Hire our residue and slurry removal services for your next commercial, civil, rail, or tunnel project.

Industrial Services

Tank and pit cleaning

Our tank and pit cleaning services, performed with our vacuum excavators, jet rodders, and other high-pressure water cleaning equipment, are vital for the preventative maintenance of septic tanks, drains, culverts, bunding areas, maintenance pits, and water storage tanks. By performing liquid waste removal, sludge removal, general waste removal, and decontamination of these vessels with a custom service dependent on the vessel size and type, Futuretek Civil minimises the safety hazards, environmental hazards, and increased downtime that comes with forgotten tanks and pits.

We are equipped to work within confined spaces in accordance with risk assessments, safety protocols, and any other customer requirements to get the job done, even in emergency situations.

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Hire Futuretek Civil’s well-maintained vacuum trucks, jet rodders, and high-pressure water cleaning equipment now with our expert machine operators for quality vacuum loading and tank and pit cleaning services across Victoria. We are available on a 24-hour bases for septic emergencies.

Our vacuum excavation solutions are perfect for exposing underground utilities such as pipes, cables, and drainage safely and efficiently.

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Futuretek Team excavating using vacuum excavation services

Our hydro excavation services are a versatile alternative to destructive excavation. We use pressurised water and vacuum trucks to safely excavate around sensitive objects.

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Hydro Excavation Truck with yellow hose

Our jetting and drain cleaning services provide comprehensive solutions to blocked drains and clearing obstructions in pipes.

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Yellow and Blue Jetting & Drain Cleaning Hoses in Hoops

The Futuretek Civil team are highly experienced in our asset locating services, including electromagnetic detection and non-destructive digging.

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Locating Underground Assets through Electromagnetic Detection Technology

We provide industrial services using our range of vacuum excavation and vac trucks throughout Victoria

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Industrial Services

We provide sustainable environmental service solutions for vacuum excavation and more.

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Environmental Services


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Get a free quote on our industrial services or contact our team directly on (03) 9361 1818.

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