Hydro excavation is carried out by using a combination of highly pressurised water and high suction excavation to excavate sensitive and delicate areas that would be heavily damaged with traditional excavation methods. Water and dirt mix together to create a slurry that is then sucked out and pumped into a vacuum truck along with the other debris that is generated by the excavation process. We supply a fleet of vacuum trucks for hire ranging in all sizes.

Hydro Excavation for Safety

Hydro excavation is a safe and effective alternative to mechanical digging and excavation methods. Because there is no penetrating edge used to move the earth, this method poses no risk to hidden and buried utilities on the site. The water and suction will simply clear the dirt surrounding the buried objects, leaving them untouched and undamaged. Hydro excavation is suitable where utilities need to be exposed as our team are able to work around cables and pipework without causing any damage to them.

We live up to hydro excavation’s reputation as a safe excavation method by always upholding the requirements of our Occupational Health and Safety Management (4801) accreditation. We have been acknowledged for our adherence to strict safety guidelines by WorkSafe Victoria, VESI, NULCA, and the Civil Contractors Federation, and as such have been accredited as Telstra suppliers and Dial Before You Dig Certified Locators.

Hydro Excavation
Hydro Excavation

Our Hydro Excavation Services 

Hydro excavation is a versatile process that can be used for more than just digging holes. Some of our most frequently hired hydro excavation services include:

  • Asset exposure
  • Trenching
  • Post hole digging
  • Pier hole digging
  • Signpost and power pole digging
  • Optic fibre cable exposure
  • Tree removal
  • Root barrier installation
  • Excavating/ potholing around gas, power, and water
  • Deep pier/bore hole cleaning
  • Safety barrier installation
  • Tight access excavation
  • Excavation for sewer and water repair

Hire Futuretek Civil’s hydro excavation services to your next VIC project.

A Reputable Hydro Excavation Contractor

The team at Futuretek Civil have been working in the hydro excavation industry for the last eight years and have worked with a large number of civil, construction, and government companies to create cost and time effective hydro excavation solutions for every industry.

We have been an NBN delivery partner on every aspect of network construction works, including hydro excavation, across Victoria since 2013.

All our operators are highly trained and fully qualified to complete any job, no matter the size. We put a great stake in our reputation, affordable pricing, job quality. Our operators will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with the job done.


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Futuretek Civil can meet all your hydro excavation and vacuum truck hire needs across the Melbourne Metro area. Contact the team at Futuretek Civil today for a quote to get your non-destructive digging project started.

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Get a free quote on our hydro excavation & NDD services, or contact our team directly on (03) 8308 1901.

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Get a free quote on our hydro excavation services or contact our team directly on (03) 8308 1901.

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